Packaging Design

Fuze creates targeted packaging designs of consumer goods products.

Packaging design is the connection point between your product and your customers. It should catch their eye and provide the necessary information they are looking for in order to convince them to purchase it. Your product should solve a problem for your customer so it is important to make sure you keep your target market’s needs in mind at every stage in the product development process.


Brands we've worked on

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The Elements of Packaging Design


3D renders can be created as early as label design stage.Making informed product development decisions on pack is critical. Picking up faults after printed samples have arrived can be a costly exercise in both money and time.


After the 3D packshot is created the desired resolution can easily be changed and output without a costly photography re-shoot and therefore is suitable for any purpose from ecommerce websites to billboards.


Artwork Concepts, Colours, Printing Effects and Technical Specs can easily be tested on pack in 3D before spending time and money on print. Waiting for physical mockups to see the results of your artwork decisions is a time consuming and expensive exercise.


3D image quality is close to perfect. Physical containers and printed labels often have scratches and print misalignment which are emphasized in product photography. 3D packshots give you clean and accurate results because they are completely digital.


Once the pack shot is created there are so many variations that can be applied including angles, lighting, printing effects (such as foils, gloss, matt), materials (such as metallics, plastics, transparent, pearlescent. The possibilities are endless.